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How to make money from Facebook

How to make money from Facebook

Do You Want to Earn Money From Facebook? I Will Show you How to make money from Facebook. I Will Show you Simple Methods through which you can Earn Money up to $100 Per Month or more than that. It all depends upon how much Hard work you do for that. But before we move forward.

You must keep in mind that if you want to Earn you have Invest. Either you have to invest your money. Or you can invest your time with a lot of Hard Work. 95% of the people don’t want to invest their money in the beginning.

So I will show you some simple methods to earn money by investing your time. Keep in mind that you can earn up to $100 per month, and can earn more than that.

But earning without investing a single cent you requires.


2. Hard Work

3. Investment of Time

Before proceeding further I would like to say one thing. In this article, I will just give you a Brief Concept that which are the Methods to How to make money from Facebook.

The Requirements to use these methods How to make money from Facebook are:

1. You must have your own Facebook page:

It is Very Easy to create a Facebook page, so Consider it Done.

Create a Facebook page for your niche. Facebook page is must earn money from Facebook.

2. You Must Have a Good Following and Likes on Your Facebook Page,

Now, this point matter’s the most. Huge Audience on your Facebook page means you can earn a huge amount of money. Again I Will say it requires Investment.

Either the investment of money or the investment of your Time with Hard work. If You cannot Invest your Money or Time, leave reading this article. It is not for you.

These two are basic requirements of How to make money from Facebook. So I assume that you fulfill these requirements.

How to make money from Facebook

How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook
How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook

1. Affiliate marketing

The First Method and my favorite one is: Using Affiliate marketing So what is affiliate marketing? and how it works. It is very simple. You just Sell Products of others on Your Facebook Page and get a Fixed Commission on every sale through your Page. You will get Affiliation with these Products totally free, no investment of money is required for this.

How to make money from Facebook. Affiliate Marketing
How to make money from Facebook. Affiliate Marketing

The Top Selling E-commerce Website for getting Affiliate is Amazon,Amazon is the King Of E-Commerce Field. You can get up to 10% Commission on each sale by using Amazon.

Ok, let’s figure out how it works. For Example: There is a Product on Amazon For Sale in $400. You just Sign Up on the Affiliate Program of Amazon. Get the Affiliate of That Product. Then you put that product on your Facebook page.

Guess If only one member out of thousands gets interested and makes a purchase from your page you can Earn up to 5-10% Commission of that Product.

The 5% of $500 is $20. It means you can earn $20 dollar in one sale What if 10 people Purchase that, or 100 or1000 Or What if you showcase Dozens of Products instead of one product on your Page It Can Really make you earn a lot from just selling other’s products The only requirement is that you Invest your time. ok ok Don’t Get into Dreams.

It is not easy like it seems to be. Creating a Huge audience on a Facebook page requires a lot of hard work and time. But if you already have a huge audience, then itis easy for you to earn through affiliate.

The Best Thing which I like about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to deal directly with customers. You just have to showcase the products. Every person who is interested in that Product will be automatically referred to the amazon site and do a purchase from there.

And you will get your Commission automatically. Please Don’t Get Confused, I will Deeply show you how to do affiliate marketing on your Facebook page in my upcoming videos. From making affiliate account to showcasing products on your Facebook page. I Will teach you everything.

2. Sell Your Facebook Page

The Second Method is Very Very Easy. It is That You Sell Your Facebook Page. The question arises that What is the price of Your Facebook Page? And Where to sell Your Facebook Page? So let’s Solve these Questions.

How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook.Sell Your Facebook Page
How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook.Sell Your Facebook Page

What is the Price of Your Facebook Page? It depends upon Few Factors:

1:Followers.It basically means that how many Followers your Page have.

 2:Likes and Engagements.It means that how many total likes/dislikes and comments your posts have.

3:Location of your Page.A Page created in European Countries or USA may have higher price than page created in Asian Countries.

4:Topic of the Page. There are a few topics that have higher Rates when selling. If I assume the engagement level of your page very high.

On Average your page may got sold out in these Rates: Which are pages more than 100k likes, can be sold for $150 and above 50k to 99k costs $100-$130 10k to 49k likes costs $50-$99 1k to 9k likes cost $10-$49 These are Estimated Averages, you may get more or less than that.

Now let’s move towards our Second Question. Where to Sell Your  Page? So the answer is that You can sell your Facebook account or your Facebook Page in various outsourcing market like freelancer, As Well as in Facebook Groups.

3. Sponsored Post

The Third method Sponsored Post. you have a chance to earn by posting Sponsored ads of other big or small businesses or people on your fan page. Let’s suppose you have a fan page on ‘WordPress Tutorials’ and have millions of followers.

How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook.Sponsored Post
How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook.Sponsored Post

The businesses selling ‘WordPress Development’ services could ask you to post ads of their business on your page and in return, you can ask for a good amount of money. You may contact them personally and offer them Service at good rates, Or they may also Contact you.

But Must make a relation of trust The only Requirement for Sponsoring Someone else post is that you have a good figure of Facebook likes and have a Huge Fan Following, And i think it is very easy method.

4. Selling Likes on the Facebook Page

The Fourth Method is Selling Likes on the Facebook Page. Selling likes on the Facebook page is one of the useless method to earn money but it can provide you a handsome amount of money.

How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook.Selling Likes on the Facebook Page
How to make money from Facebook . how to earn from facebook.Selling Likes on the Facebook Page

You can’t actually sell likes on Facebook but you can create a gig on Fiverr or other outsourcing platforms where you can help clients get likes to their posts by your Facebook page.

You can then charge the prospecting client per like, per ten, per hundred and per thousand likes. But you need to establish some properly defined packages of exactly what you can offer. Mostly new Business pages will purchase likes from you.

But i will not recommend you to use this method for earning, because it can decrease your audience interest in your page. But tell me below in the comments if you are interested in this method, I Will make a separate video on it works and where you can sell your likes.

5. Selling Your own Course or Product on Facebook Page

The Fifth Method is selling Your own Course or Product on Facebook Page. I will explain this method to you by an example. Suppose that you are a web designer and you want to earn money by teaching this Course.

You Open Your Facebook Page and Make a Post that “I will Teach Web Designing in 3 Months Course for $100”. And Post it on your page. The Interesting Audience will Contact you. Then You create a Facebook Group specially for teaching them Course.

How to make money from Facebook. Selling Your own Course or Product on Facebook Page
How to make money from Facebook. Selling Your own Course or Product on Facebook Page

Make Videos of that course and Post them in that group. As well as you answer them their queries. You can sell any type of courses like Web development, Cybersecurity courses, or any other. Don’t get Confused about thinking that what you will sell? Because you don’t have any Course to offer to others.

For Example: You don’t know anything about cybersecurity. But you want to sell this course because it is High demanding in the market. Then What Will you Do? How Will You sell this Course? we will discuss only about this method that how we can earn through this method even if we don’t have any course to offer.

You can also sell your products online, for example your page is about computer related things. and you have a Shop of Computers.You can sell those on your Facebook page.

So it’s All for today.

Final Words

If you read my article How to make money from Facebook till the End. Please let me know in the Comments Box that you read till the end because it will encourage me to write more articles on these topics.

Tell Me Below in the Comments your queries, Suggestions and the part which you enjoyed the most. Support me by Subscribing my Channel. Thanks For Reading. Please Like, Subscribe, and Share. And Thank You.

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