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How to make money by Blogging

Blogs used to be nothing more than online diaries for angst-ridden teenagers and their adult counterparts. But with the advent and phenomenal growth of Internet marketing, the once-lowly blog morphed into something truly powerful.

We’ve all heard about how some bloggers earn upwards of $10,000 every month. But we also know that there are millions of bloggers out there, and every niche one can think of seems already too saturated with them. So how to make money by blogging?

Let’s get one thing clear from the start: there is no SINGLE miraculous way of making big bucks from blogging. There are DOZENS of ways to earn from a blog, and the success or failure of each one depends on your own particular skills, the niche you’re in, and what you’re comfortable and confident doing.

Some bloggers earn solely from advertising and affiliate marketing, while others are able to make extra cash from selling their own products through their blogs.

That being said, blogging can definitely help you make money online. First of all, the blog itself can be monetized. Second, if your blog gains a solid following, YOU become popular, and you can then capitalize on this popularity and turn yourself into a brand.

You can charge for speaking fees, write an e-book about your blogging journey, teach blogging courses, sell DVDs, and even find other lucrative jobs through your blog.
Below are some of the most common ways of making money with blogs at home.

How to make money by Blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

How to make money by Blogging

These are the two most popular and arguably most profitable monetization techniques used by bloggers and website owners. Blogs are prime real estate for ads.

Sell ad space and sign up with a variety of affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates. Join an affiliate network such as maxbounty, Warrior plus, Link Share, Click Bank, or Commission Junction.

Affiliate selling is once you advocate a product or service to your audience exploitation special pursuit links, so get a referral commission for each time somebody buys when clicking your link. A real-life example of affiliate selling would be once you facilitate a disciple open a checking account at your bank branch.

Usually, they furnish you with a present card or a bonus of some kind. Similar to that several products and services online have affiliate programs that you just will be part of. There square measure affiliate programs on the market for each business 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online by blogging. For information about affiliate network: click here

Ad Networks like AdSense,

If your blog having a good amount of traffic then you apply for Google Adsense. If you get approval then good otherwise you may apply for or other Advertise Networks.


If your blog becomes popular enough in its niche, companies may start approaching you for sponsorship programs. This means that you will run the company’s ad and/or write a review or a post about the company or its product/s, and you will get cash or products in exchange.

The more popular your blog is, the more sponsorships you are offered. If your blog is popular then you will charge more.

Paid Reviews

How to make money by Blogging. Paid review

Similar to sponsored posts, you’ll additionally build cash by writing paid reviews on your web site.

This is a rather completely different validation technique than a review web site with affiliate links, as mentioned on top of.

Instead, you get to do out product associated with your niche for free of charge, and even get obtained writing a review.

The process for doing this will be like obtaining sponsored posts. You’ll wish to review product that square measure relevant to your niche, that your audience would have an interest in.

You can approach corporations on your own to raise concerning doing paid reviews. There also are websites like PayPerPost that may facilitate to attach you with businesses World Health Organization could also be interested in.


Once you’ve made a name for yourself as a reputable blogger, you can start cashing in on your reputation and expertise. Many bloggers succeed in using their blogs to sell products – both physical and virtual.

Physical products include blog merchandise and instructional materials such as books and DVDs. Virtual products include apps, ebooks, webinars, and courses.

This is one of the best way to make money by blogging use by most of the blogger.

Indirect Methods

If you do it well and if you’re lucky, you can make money not just off your blog and your personal brand but from other opportunities that offshoot from your blog, too.

You can grow an offline business related to your blog. For instance, if you run a blog advocating healthy eating, you can connect with others in your field and start a superfood business.

You can syndicate your blog. You can get offered a job based on your work on your own blog. For instance, if you run a parenting blog, you can get offers to write as a columnist for major parenting websites. Or, together with other bloggers in your niche, you can build a bigger, more profitable blog.


You can also capitalize on your know-how by offering coaching and consulting services, getting paid for speaking in conferences, and training other bloggers.

Tips on making money with blogs from home

Don’t fall for the hype.

Yes, you can start earning from your blog even while it’s new and relatively unknown. But making serious cash from blogging takes time – and persistence.

If you want to turn your blog into a steady income source, you have to put in time and effort.


Before you write your first post, you have to gather information about what niche you should work in, how best to monetize the blog, what tools you should use, and how to build your audience.

You have to research, plan, and lay the grounds for the blog. After you’ve done this initial, time-consuming work, the rest of it will be easier.

Keep at it.

The key to keeping your blog popular and profitable is to keep posting good-quality content that will pique your readers’ interest. Your blog will rely on fresh content to keep it up and running and to keep your readers glued.

Post regularly and keep up to date with what’s “hot” in your niche. Interact with your audience in your comments section and show how much you appreciate them through giveaways and live Q&As.

There is no secret formula to making money with blogs. Preparation, skill, determination, and luck all play a role in it, and what works for one blogger may not work for another.

Nevertheless, there is money to be made from blogging. Just remember that building a blog is a lot like building a house. If you want it to stand the test of time, you have to build a strong, solid foundation for it. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your blog now!

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