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25 Passive Income Ideas

25 Passive Income Ideas

What is passive income:

Passive income is the income that requires little effort, Little money or no money required to maintain or earn. You don’t need to work again and again for the same work. In this article, we share 25 Passive Income Ideas. You can generate passive income online or offline.

Before we start I just want to inform you that this is not rocket science or not a quick rich scheme. Some Passive income ideas no need any investment and in some cases you need little investment or big investment.

In this article, I share 25 Passive Income Ideas and some Passive Income opportunities and passive income online.

Here are the 25 Passive Income Ideas (click to jump to any passive income idea section):

please find 25 passive income ideas is as below

25 Passive Income Ideas
25 Passive Income Ideas

1)Affiliate Marketing:

If you have a blog, website or Excellent fan followers on Social media then you promote affiliate products or services via your affiliate link on your channels. In affiliate marketing you need to share your affiliate link on your blog, website or Social media. If somebody clicks and purchases from your affiliate link then you get some commission from affiliate partner.

Now almost every E-Commerce store, companies and organization want affiliate partner to promote their product.

25 Passive Income Ideas!Affiliate Marketing-min
25 Passive Income Ideas!Affiliate Marketing

You can join any affiliate program below and start.

1)Amazon Associate program

2)Flip kart Affiliate Program




Above is the list of of few affiliate program.You can join this program.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income. You need to work once. Commission is not fixed every month and depends on how much people purchase from your link.

2)Create and sell Online Course:

Creating online courses and sell is the best way to earn passive income online. You need to record a video or audio course on multiple topics.

For example you want to create a social media course then you record all audio or video or in PDF format. Once you finish the course creation and promote it on multiple channels.

Once you get the order you mail the course to your buyer and get money. You need to create a course and then your work is finished. Then you don’t need to work again for the same content.

You only promote the course and receive money once your course sold you get money.

3)Create an Ebook and sell online:

If you have great command or knowledge in any subject you interested then you create an Ebook in that subject and sell Ebook online to get money. If you promote well then you generate good sell.

25 Passive Income Ideas!Create and sell Online Course
25 Passive Income Ideas!Create and sell Online Course

You can use free as well as paid method to promote Ebook online. You publish Ebook on amazon kindle and earn money easily.

This is a great way to earn passive income. You don’t need to work again and again.

4)Create An APP:

Creating a mobile app and publish on app store s create a good source of passive income. You can earn money from an app in multiple ways.

You can earn money from run Advertising on app, Referral or Affiliate marketing, subscriptions, Sponsorship.

So try to create your app and start Monetizing your app by the above method like Advertising, Affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

5)Create a Blog.

Create a blog or website is one of the ways to earn passive income. To create a blog or website you need to Pick a niche, buy a domain name in your niche, Hosting provider, Select a responsive theme, Install Related Plugin, Write a post or Article and Publish a Blog.

After creating quality content you need to promote blog on social media, paid promotions.

You can monetize your block by Google Ad-sense, Affiliate marketing and earn a good amount of money from your blog or website.

To create and promote a blog you should have basic digital marketing Knowledge. You need to work once and earn a lifetime.

6)Start a Youtube Channel:

Start YouTube channel and upload videos on your video channel. If you have a Gmail account then you create a YouTube channel and upload videos in your niche. After finished with 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers then you start monetization on your youtube channel.

25 Passive Income Ideas! Start a Youtube Channel
25 Passive Income Ideas! Start a Youtube Channel

You can earn income from Google Ad-sense, Sponsorship and Affiliate Marketing.

You can also start with a normal camera or you can use your mobile camera to make a video.


Drop Shipping is a retail chain method. You don’t need to stock the goods. You promote the product and once you get the order when you contact to supplier and ask him to send the product directly. You need to share the Customers order details with address and price to a supplier.

For example, you promote one product which $5 and you promote the product with a $ 15 price. You give $5 to the supplier and keep $10 with you.

You can start dropshipping with Shopify. With Shopify you create drop-shipping stores and upload the product. Once you get the order they will supply the product and cut there product price and transfer rest money in your account.

8)Rent out a room :

If you have Extra room then you rent a room to AirBnb or OYO Rooms and earn money. You have the option to rent out an entire house or any single room.

Rent out a room is the best source of a passive income. You don’t need to work for this.

9)Rent out a Car:

Rent out a Car is one of the best options if you have a car. Simply join a car to uber or OLA.

You can rent out your idle car and earn money.You can Rent your car for few hours on rent and earn money.

10)Buy a Profitable App or Website (Flippa)

Buy an already running app or website is an excellent option to earn passive income. Flippa is the number one platform to buy and sell online business.

List your online business at Flippa and got the Excellent Buyers. This is easy to list your online property like Domain, Website, App, E-Commerce Website, Marketplace, Content and Much more.

11)Amazon FBA Business:

If you have Product in stock then list that product on Amazon FBA. If you listed on Amazon FBA and sent product to amazon FBA.If you get the order then Amazon picks and packs the products and sent to customers. You get paid once the order delivered.

12)Hold good stock/Shares Long term:

Hold quality stock for a long period of time and sell once you get profit. You get multi-fold income if you hold good stock for the long term.

13)Sell course on Udemy:

Create a Course and list on Udemy. Once your course created and sold out udemy paid you your share.

This means you need to create a course and sell it again and again. How many of your courses sold out you get money.

14)Buy Dividend-paying Stock:

Buy Dividend-paying Stock is an excellent option to earn passive income. Dividend-paying Stock paying you year after year. Sometimes they give bonus stock. This bonus stock also increases your income in the coming years.

15)Earn interest on Saving Account or FD:

This will not gain much amount. Generally you earn 3-4% of the interest in Saving Account and 6 % interest on FD.

Earning Interest on Bank account is one of the ways to earn passive income. You may not earn a lot of money but you get secured income.

Advertise on your own car is the best way of earning passive income. You can approach sponsors for Advertise on your car. You can make an agreement for a month and get earn.

17)Sell Digital Product on the online marketplace:

Create a Digital Product once and list on Online Marketplace like JVZOO, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate. Once they sold your digital product you get paid. This company has lots of Affiliate partners who sold your product easily on their channels.

18)Sell Domain Name:

Buy a .com,.Net or any good domain name and sold it at a higher price on or any domain Provider website.

To Buy Domain Name use Bigrock

19)Become Silent Business Partner

Invest in Friends, relatives or any profitable business and act as a silent partner. A silent partner is like an investor who invested in the business and earn profit.

You don’t need to work as a silent partner. You get paid as per your holding in the company.

20)Invest in Bonds:

Invest in government or private company bonds or debentures and get annual fixed tax-free interest. Bonds are also a source of passive income.

21)Paperback Book Sales

Write a printable book and publish it. After publish do promotion and marketing. You can sell this type of paperback book on Amazon or eBay and any E-commerce Store or marketplace.

You wrote a book at once and earn a lifetime whenever your book copy sold out.No need to write a book again.


Create a course of skill you have and sell on skillshare. You can easily create a course, sell on skillshare and get paid once sell.

23)Sell digital product on

Create a digital product in the form of course, or if you have any data or Email list then you can sell on and earn passive income easily.

24)Sell product on Marketplace:

If you have physical or digital product then you list on any popular marketplace and sell. After delivering the product E-commerce company deduct a commission from your amount and rest of the money transfer to your account.

25)Become social media influencer

If you good number of followers on any social media channel like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Pinterest then you can work as an influencer and get paid.

As an influencer you get sponsorship from big companies and marketplace to promote their product.

This is one of the best ways of passive income. You don’t need to work for hours. You charge on per post or article you publish on your platform.

This is the 25 Passive Income Ideas I share with you. Work on these ideas and you pick any passive income opportunities from the above options.

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